acicork participants

The ACICORK Project is a coordinated project that is organized into three subprojects in which different research groups participate.

Subproject 1

It is led by the Institute of Forest Sciences (ICIFOR) attached to the INIA National Center of the CSIC and is also in charge of coordinating the project

  • The main researcher is Mariola Sánchez-González.
  • Juan Ignacio Fernández-Golfín and María Conde from the Madera and Cork research group participate in the research team.

Mariola Sánchez González

Juan Ignacio Fernández-Golfín

María Conde

Subproject 2

It is led by the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM).

  • The main researchers are Alejandra Ezquerra and Tomás Herrero Tejedor
  • The research team includes
    • Enrique Pérez-Martín, Serafín López-Cuervo and Julián Aguirre from the research group on Geovisualization, Singular Spaces and Heritage (GESyP)
    • José Ramón González-Adrados from the Department of Forestry and Environmental Engineering and Management of the ETSI of Forestry, Forestry and the Natural Environment.

Alejandra Ezquerra

Tomás Herrero Tejedor

Enrique Pérez-Martín

Serafín López-Cuervo

Julián Aguirre

José Ramón González-Adrados

Subproject 3

It is led by the Cork, Wood and Charcoal Institute (ICMC) belonging to the Scientific and Technological Research Center of Extremadura (CICYTEX).

  • The main researcher is Belén Godoy
  • Ramón Santiago, Enrique Cardillo and Ana Esteban Ramajo participate in the research team
  • José Berdón and Eusebio Dorado participate in the working team

Belén Godoy

Ramón Santiago

Enrique Cardillo

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